2014 Dance New England Spring Weekend

Dance Friday presents your invitation to the
2014 Dance New England Spring Weekend
March 7th – 9th, 2014
3 Church St., Harvard Sq., Cambridge MA
This is our current schedule; some classes may change.
Friday, March 7th
Barn Room: Dance Friday 8 pm – Midnight
Light Painting — Doug Pouliot 
Light Painting Portraits combine the magic of light painting with beauty of digital photography to create an extraordinary experience and images that move and inspire. We bring the camera and toys, you bring your passion, creativity and smile. Together, we’ll have a great time!
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;we grow old because we stop playing.” — George Bernard Shaw
DJs: Mantra, and Rose 8:30-Midnight
Saturday, March 8th
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm Set-up and Registration, Opening Circle
Class Period 1
1:00 pm – 2:45 pm
Chapel: Thai Bodywork — Shannon Brophy
Learn to give and also receive. Nurture and feel nurtured, as you restore your energy at the dance weekend. Shannon is certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a yoga practitioner.
Barn Room: Irish Step Dance — Meghan Allen *ff
The class will include an introduction to the basic steps of the reel and jig, as well as a ceili (group) dance. Recommended for ages 6 through adult.
Meghan Allen certified T.C.R.G. began dancing at age four after seeing a performance at an Irish festival. Under the instruction of Sean Reagan of Inishfree New York she had a successful competitive career including first place finishes at both the Eastern Regional Championships and the North American Championships.
Meghan has performed at venues such as Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. In 2006 Meghan became certified by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Ireland and opened the Massachusetts branch of Inishfree in 2007. She has taught dance classes as part of Boston College’s Irish Studies Program.
Class Period 2
3:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Chapel: CircleSinging — Ben Silver
CircleSinging is a form of facilitated Vocal Improv which could be described as “a drum circle for singers” or “improvised choral music.” During the course of the ever-changing chant, the leader develops and gives parts to a circle of singers, which in turn supports individual solos. Both participating in and witnessing the creation of the music that emerges is an exhilarating and joyful experience.
Ben’s music slides through R&B, folk, funk, jazz, and more. He runs a monthly CircleSinging Series in NYC and has been performing, leading CircleSinging events, teaching Vocal Improvisation, ensemble skills and other singing workshops in various parts of New York State, the Mid-Atlantic, New England, California and the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years.
Barn Room: Journey Dance – Suzy Spivey *ff
Reconnect with your innate state of joyful well–being and celebrate LIFE!Guided visualization, free movement exploration, powerful dance rituals, and inspiring world music lead you on an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation.As we release, shake loose, and let go to freedom, we rejuvenate and connect body, mind, and spirit.Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, allowing you to access your inner power, aliveness, and passionate heart.
Everyone welcome! No dance experience necessary. Bring your willingness to play, explore, and be open to joyful connection—with yourself and others.
Suzy Spivey has been teaching JourneyDance classes and workshops since 2006.She serves as Seasonal Staff at the Omega Institute and is a Certified Journey Dance, Kripalu Yoga Dance, and Shake Your Soul teacher. She is also a Certified Life Coach, specializing in guiding people through transition to transformation. Visit suzyspivey.com for more information.
Class Period 3
5:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Chapel: Kinetic Connections — Catherine Williams *ff
We will work in small groups and as one big group to put together a piece to be performed at the start of the Saturdaydance. Taking inspiration from various sources, we will create movement phrases following the themes of imitation, improvisation, and exploration. Beginners and beyond welcome. Recommended for ages 5 through adult. 

Catherine Williams is a visual artist and dancer, who has been teaching dance for over 20 years. For the past few years, she has been choreographing works that use professional and amateur dancers of all ages.

Barn Room: Contact Improvisation — Neige Christenson
We will begin this class with a deep solo exploration, and gradually layer in active witnessing and partnered touch, leading to a kind of contact duet that is evocative and image-based. We will explore how our vision, both inward and outward, can enhance and enrich our solo experience, and how witnessing our partners in various ways can fine-tune our listening bodies. Open to anyone willing to close their eyes and explore movement in a safely held space.
Neige has been an avid Contact Improviser since the mid-eighties, as a devoted jam participant, teacher and performer. She loves the way the CI duet can be a metaphor for human interaction and relationship and also be quite abstract, and the opportunity it creates for full physical expression and connection.
Class Period 4 
7 pm-8:30 pm
Come for salsa $35 class fee includes dinner and evening dance.
Barn Room: Salsa Rueda — Jason St. Jean–Dorce, Joanna Roper & Tameron Josbeck
Rueda is a dancing game based in salsa, that hails from the lively casino’s of Cuba. The game involves passing partners around the circle while preforming a series of called figures or steps. The coordinated movements of the whole circle dancing together has an equally mesmerizing effect on participants and viewers.You will find that if you are new to salsa and partner dancing, the group setting will create an easier and more fun environment for enjoying the dance quicker. We will start at basic level, though more experienced dancers are welcome to join us as well.
No experience or partner required, just a positive attitude; all ages are welcome.
Option to show off what you have learned at the start ofSaturday night’s dance.
Chapel: Being Real — Anne Bryer
Being real: an invitation — The truth not only has the power to set you free, it is a key to authentic relationships, intimacy, compassion and creating positive intention for our lives. We’ll explore liberating exercises that shift us from our judgmental minds to noticing, to being present, aware. Join us and gain confidence to lovingly tell people in your life what you honestly think and feel!
Anne Bryer, M.Ed, has been a certified Radical Honesty trainer for 10 years and facilitates weekly Echkart Tolle classes based on “The Power of Now”.
—Dhal, Rice, and Salad for those dancing through.—
8:30 pm - Dance Performances
Then dance ‘til Midnight
DJs: Dave and Hrana
Sunday, March 9th:
12:30 pm 
Barn Room: Opening Circle
Class Period 5
1 pm – 2:15 pm
Barn Room: WAVES The Roth 5 Rhythms™ — Margaux Skalecki
The Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms of movement ™ is a non-verbal dance.
As we surrender into our own movement, the self healing, meditative, spiritual and relationship focused practice invites us to just show up. No dance experience necessary, no perfect bodies needed; bring your bumps and bruises, your joys and hurts and your curiosity.
On the dance floor we find the practice and map of The Roth 5 Rhythms. After an opening unguided warm-up period of allowing ourselves to arrive, the play list of music progresses into THE WAVE , a full out journey of the Roth 5 Rhythms: FlowingEarth bound and Curious, Staccato: Fire and Clear, Chaos: Water and a Cacophony, Lyrical: Air and Confetti and Stillness: Oneness and Completely…You will know the ending of completely.
Which Rhythm is your “feeling good” home base? Which Rhythm do you live your life with? Which Rhythm do you feel uncomfortable in?
Come and Explore with your spirited DJ and Facilitator Margaux
Dance in bare feet or soft soled shoes
Margaux Skalecki is a Certified Seasoned Teacher and Keeper of the Roth 5 Rhythms since 1997
BFA in Dance Boston Conservatory and MA in Personal and Global Transformation Through the Healing and Performing Arts Education. She holds certifications in Yoga, Healing, Shamanism and Animal Communication. She is a performing artist and teacher at Omega, in New England and beyond.
Her CD is Dancing on Holy Groundwww.MargauxSkalecki.com.
Class Period 6
2:30 pm – 3:45 pm
Barn Room: African Nia – Alice Heller
Come celebrate being in your body with a delicious blend of earthy African dance moves and heavenly Nia Technique. This all level workshop includes dance, martial arts and healing arts like yoga set to great music that will inspire your somatic experience. 
Alice Heller blends her love of rhythm, movement and spirit to bring you a multidimensionally accessible movement class. No experience required as her classes are based on the body’s way. She is a Certified Blue Belt Nia instructor and an African dance teacher. alicehellerdance.com
Class Period 7
4 pm – 5:15 pm
Barn Room: Argentine Tango — Hsueh-tze Lee
Argentine Tango has been enthralling dancers for over 100 years, and is surging worldwide among dancers of all ages. In social tango, dancers improvise musically within a close embrace. Tango is creative, dynamic, challenging, fun, expressive and transcendent. Come singly or with a partner to discover the special connection that is tango. Hsueh–tze Lee teaches tango across the United States and internationally.
5:15 pm – 6 pm Barn Room
Closing Circle and Clean up
Full weekend 
(includes Dance Friday admission)
Adult $109, Youth (13-22)  $70, Children  $55
Saturday  Walk in: Adult $85, Youth (13-22) $55, Children  $40
Sunday only Walk in: Adult $45, Youth (13-22)  $35, Children  $30
Per Saturday class: Adult $35, Youth (13-22) $28, Children $15
Per Sunday class: Adult $25, Youth (13-22) $20, Children $13
Salsa and Saturday night dance: $35
Saturday night dance only: $15
Register at the door