About Us

What is Dance Friday?
Dance Friday is an event where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can express themselves through movement to music. We offer an atmosphere of acceptance, friendship, and trust. We guide our freedom of Expression by a committed respect for the physical and psychological safety of others. Dance Friday is a community drawn together by a shared delight in dance and the recognition and respect for the value of life. We are the only Boston-area dance to welcome children. Dance Friday is a member dance of Dance New England.

Why dance barefoot?
Dancing barefoot is safer – no crunching of toes by someone else’s shoes. Barefoot is softer, gentler, and allows more free flowing forms of dance. (However, if you must wear shoes for health reasons, feel free to wear soft-soled dance shoes.) We have been freestyle dancing since 1979.

What kind of music do you dance to?
All kinds of music! Contemporary, World music, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae and Reggaeton, Classic Rock, Disco, Funk, Ska, Latin, Swing, R&B, Blues…. Our DJs’ goals are to please everyone and keep the dance floor jumping. our DJ’s scour playlists to provide an evening full of wonderful beats, tempos and melodies to move your body with. If there’s something you’d like to hear, please suggest it; there is a Comments Book for sharing helpful suggestions regarding the evening’s music and atmosphere. All the music is provided by volunteer DJ’s. All are welcome to participate in providing music for the dance; DJ’s must go through a training session on how to use the equipment and have their sets reviewed by an experienced DJ. See the Handbook for more information.

What is the “middle”?
The middle is a time for community members to make announcements and often some sort of presentation or performance. Middle is in the form of a circle with a facilitator, most usually the facilitator for the evening. Dancers who wish to present something at the middle must either facilitate themselves, or arrange with that evening’s facilitator to do their presentation, which could be a short performance or a short music set (“Dance-through Middle”).

Why smoke and alcohol-free?
We want to foster a clean, aware, respectful and safe environment for all our dancers.

What should I wear?
No need to get “dressed up” – casual, comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Layers to keep warm before and then after dancing is very common.

Who oversees Dance Friday?
Dance Friday is sponsored by the Movement Collective, a non-profit organization that promotes dance activities and educates the community about the value of dance. Dance Friday is a volunteer-run co-operative, offering equal voice and governing power to each member. Everyone who attends Dance Friday is a member. See the Handbook for more information.

What is “Dance New England”?
Dance New England (DNE) is a consortium of dances similar to Dance Friday, primarily in New England, but with affiliated dances all across America, as well as around the world. For more information about DNE, visit www.dne.org.