Let’s Dance

Dance Friday

Kick off our Fall Dance Season in Cambridge!

Join us in person at St. Mary’s 8 Inman Street Cambridge, MA for the fall 2023 Season!

Friday September 8th

St. Mary’s 8 Inman Street Central Square Cambridge MA

Friday September 8th 8:00-10:00pm

Pre-register at dancefriday.org $10 in advance, $15 day of the event

Preregister by Thursday September 7th for $10 entry to September 8th Dance

Join us in person at St. Mary’s 8 Inman Street Cambridge, MA as we kick off the 2023 Season!

DJ Dave Sheppard has created a magical music Journey so we can dance with a spring in our step while we sway, swivel, and swirl!

Pre-register at dancefriday.org $10 in advance, $15 day of the event

Limited to 40 Dancers. Masks Optional, but recommended. Proof of vaccination required.

Fall 2023 In–Person Dance Schedule

Dance Friday
Fridays September 8th, October 13th, November 3rd and December 1st 8:00-10:00 pm
8 Inman St. Cambridge, MA
Saint Mary’s (Central Square)

Dance Freedom
Sundays October 29th, November 26th, and December 10th
Tony Williams Dance Center
284 Amory St. Jamaica Plain (parking lot in back accessed from Bismark/Germania Streets)

Wednesdays and Fridays will also be on Zoom for at home folks (8:30-9:30pm EDT).

Come as you are,
wherever you are.

Join us each week
Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30-9:30 pm (EDT)
for gathering in a virtual community

Dance Friday and Dance Freedom
are joining the virtual dance world.
We look forward to seeing your faces,
dancing together, and connecting online.
Since we can’t play together in person,
let’s play together remotely!
All are welcome!

The dance sets will be around 55 minutes of carefully selected music from our devoted crew of Dj’s, put together from all eras and styles each set will contain Something for Everyone
We have a short circle at the end where you will be invited to share briefly a reflection about your experience at this time, a poem, quote, song, or something you are thankful for. No one has to share (you can always pass). 

How to connect to Zoom:
If you have a computer device of any kind, including a phone, you can join us. To prepare to join, download the free software for Zoom at zoom.com. 
To see everyone on the screen together, please give your device and Zoom access to your camera and microphone. 
Your microphone will be muted during the dance.  
We would love to have as many screens lit up
with moving dancers as possible!
(Note: you are absolutely welcome to turn OFF
your camera and still join us.)
If you aren’t connecting to Zoom though your computer or iPhone, 
email for phone number for connection.

Questions? Write info@dancefreedom.com 


Community Guidelines 

  • Come and go any time starting at 8:15 pm until our closing circle at 9:45 pm. 
  • Feel free to: dance, prep food, garden, or any other activity that is appropriate for all ages, 
  • Please keep yourself muted except while in a verbal sharing portion
  • Keep your sharing—visual & auditory—family–friendly
  • Practice self–responsibility.
  • If you are uncomfortable being Pinned (a Zoom function to make another individual’s image your main focus), prefix “no pin” or “NP” to your name, or turn off your video.
  • Practice obtaining consent. If you’d like to Pin someone and they don’t have “YP” (Yes Pin) in their name, ask first (in the chat).
  • Refrain from taking video or photos
  • Ask for support when you need it.

Dance Schedule 
8:15 pm (EDT) Virtual doors open:

  • Arrive, settle in, listen to warm-up song.
  • Test your audio
  • Check your space what is in it? what size is your dance space? can you stretch out on the floor, what furniture can bear your weight during the dance.
  • Receive support on Zoom functions [such as Rename, View: Gallery or Grid or Speaker; Unmute/Mute; Pin Video]
  • Share a thought or feeling to help you be present
  • Rename yourself on Zoom put the city you are in and y/p or n/p next to your name so that folks know it is okay to pin you or not.

8:30pm We Dance.
9:30pm Poetry music or visual art presentation.
9:45ish pm Closing circle with optional sharing.

Some thoughts on participation:
There is no choreography or steps, no “right” or “wrong”, so you virtually can’t get it wrong—as long as it’s family–friendly. 
Some things to try:

  • Be awkward
  • Be silly
  • Be solo
  • Interact
  • Find creative ways to interact with the Zoom medium
  • Graze (brief interactions with others)
  • Mirror (a funhouse mirror!)
  • Lead; Follow
  • Make eye contact; Avoid eye contact
  • Move around your space
  • Stay in one spot
  • Sit in chairs
  • •Use your environment as dance partners: the floor, your walls, chairs, couches, walkers, tables, beds, foam rollers, stability balls, trees, canes.

Intentions for Dance Freedom/Friday
To stay connected with each other in this time of separation & distance
To reconnect with ourselves, our bodies, our movements
To reconnect with our living spaces 
To get our blood flowing, our heart rate up
To share art, music, and other bits that lifted our spirits during the week.

Other Ways to Connect 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/dance freedom

Our Mission Statement
“…in recognition of the fact that dance enhances human life, and in recognition of the aesthetic, recreational, healthful, and other benefits of the dance, this corporation [The Movement Collective]
is formed for the purposes of: 
1)Promoting enjoyment and practice of dance;
2) educating the public with regard to the benefits of dance; 
3) engaging in all activities necessary to carry out

the above purposes.”