2019 DNE Boston Spring Weekend Full Day of Classes then Dinner and Dance

2019/03/30 @ 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Saturday, March 30th

St. John’s Episcopal Church
74 Pleasant St. • Arlington, MA

Registration and Opening Circle 9:45-10:00am

Classes 10am-4:50pm

(for class descriptions and instructor bios scroll to the bottom of the page)

Tentative schedule

Class Period 1— 10:00-11:00 

Parish Hall: Nia: World music—Alice Heller

Class Period 211:10-12:10 

Parish Hall: Noyes Nature Rhythm—Emily Mott

Class Period 312:20-1:20 

Parish Hall: The 5 Rhythms & Funky Jazz — Margaux

Outdoors/Offsite: Walking Tour Cyrus Dallin Art Museum—Robin

Class Period 41:30-2:30 

Parish Hall: Contact Improv: Dance Principles — Christopher Ellinger

Outdoors/Offsite: Walking into Arlington’s Past—Beth Cohen

Class Period 52:40-3:40 

Parish Hall: Gyrokinesis®—Kathleen Anderson

Offsite (3 min walk): Foot Reflexology — Bill Kennedy

Class Period 63:50-4:50

Parish Hall: Belly Dancing is for Everyone—Johara

Memorial Room: Social Hour

DNE Dinner & Presentation (Including Set up)

Part One “Growing with Diversity” presenters

Mahmoud El-Zeftawy

Jimi Two Feathers

Part Two Supporting Camp Timber Trails

Maggie Zellner 

Class Period 77:00-8:00pm

Parish Hall: Awakening the Spine—Neige Christenson

Dance 8:00-11:00pm

8:00pm Dave & Hrana DJ

9:00pm Journey Weaver (transition)

9:30pm Ean Golden (Love and Shadow)*

11:00pm Live Musician Soundscape & Closing

* Ean Golden runs “Ecstatic Dance Records”   


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Saturday Class
Descriptions and
Instructor Bios

Title Description Instructor Bio

Tuning Moving Meditations

In a perpetual dance, your energy flows within and around your body responding to your moves, emotions, and thoughts.
Like a musical instrument, you can consciously choose what you are Tuning in, to develop your well-being. Starting with a
Tai Chi style warm-up, you will be invited to practice positive affirmations with gentle
moving meditations.
Tuning more of who you are,
dance fully present in
your body!

Helena Froehlich Boston Ballet Faculty. Dancer, Teacher, choreographer, Helena has worked with several companies including, Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in France, Felix Ruckert in Germany, American Repertory & Princeton Ballet School in the USA and performed with her company CreationDance in Europe and the United States. She studied Tai Chi, Acupressure, Reiki, and is a Yoga for the Lattice and EMF Balancing Technique energy work practitioner.

Noyes Nature Rhythm

Relax, revive, and find creative inspiration in this amazing movement practice called Noyes Rhythm. Discover a restorative, joyful, intelligent system developed 100 years ago by Florence Fleming Noyes. This is a class with flowing technique (for strengthening and alignment) and improvisation based on rich nature imagery. Nature is our guide. Lots of fun! All bodies welcome. LIVE PIANO MUSIC by a master musician!

Emily Arwen Mott is a musician, dancer, and masseuse. She has taught the Noyes Rhythm movement system to adults for 15 years and is now a program director for the Noyes School of Rhythm in Portland, CT. Emily is fascinated with the deep creativity and healing that comes from awakening the body’s intelligence. She expresses her love for the world through teaching, touch and composition. Emily runs a private music instruction studio, music and movement classes for children, and is certified as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor. www.noyesrhythm.org

Roth 5 Rhythms
and Funky Jazz

The 5 Rhythms is an ecstatic moving meditation practice. It is a practice that Gabrielle Roth brought forward in the 1960s and because of this practice, a movement revolution began. It’s a practice of being fully in the body and yet be able to soar. It is a practice where we let go of the social chatter and the chatter of our mind and return to the heartbeat of our feet where knowledge of our ancient truths arise.
Like The 5 Rhythms, Authentic Relating is filled with offerings that welcome us to explore our ancient and present-day truths in a fun, supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

Margaux Skalecki Medicine Dancer. BFA in Dance, MA in Performance and Healing Education is one of two teachers who lovingly brought The 5 Rhythms, ecstatic movement practice of Gabrielle Roth’s to MA in the 1990s. Margaux’s medicine bag is filled as a certified shamanic practitioner, as a 500 ERegistered child and adult yoga teacher, as a commissioned healer of the Spiritualist Churches, as a Reiki Master, medium, animal communicator, choreographer and song writer.
One of Margaux ‘s paths in this life time is to create spaces for children and adults to find their bliss while dancing on their edges, jumping into the unknown and jumping fully back into their bodies.

Walking into
Arlington’s Past

Learn about the rich culture and heritage of our town on a walking tour that includes visits to the Robbins Library and Town Hall, where you will learn about the Robbins Family and their contributions to Civic Arlington. We will finish up at the Cyrus Dallin Museum, where you will meet one of the premier sculptors of the late nineteenth century.
The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum at the Jefferson Cutter House
www.dallin.org Hours:
12 noon to 4 pm, Tues.-Sun.Built in 1892, Robbins Library houses the oldest continuously operating children’s public library in the nation.
The Robbins Memorial Garden, like Arlington’s Town Hall and Robbins Library, were built on land donated by the “Robbins Sisters,” the three granddaughters of wealthy poultry merchant Nathan Robbins. The garden was designed in 1913, and re-designed in 1939 more or less to its present appearance.
Beth Cohen outside her secret life working for The Phone Company, is a long time member of the Arlington Historical Districts Commission and passionate about history and Arlington history in particular.

Nia: World music

Nia blends the best of movement forms — consciously guiding in your body’s way through dance, martial arts and healing arts including yoga to provide a full body mind emotion and spiritual experience. (This class is an all level fun movement experience set to great music and can include children over 8 years old …)  African influenced movements and music to spice up the workshop.

Alice Heller’s focus for 2019 is on Nia, early movement education and African dance. She has been teaching and sharing her love of dance for over 20 years. Starting with the classic dance genres, she moved into African dance and then martial arts and Nia.

Besides African dance and drumming, Alice’s studies moved her to work with children in preschools and private class settings. She has taught jazz, creative movement, hip hop, improvisational dance and gymnastics and more recently internal martial arts and Nia
(she is a Brown Belt).

Nia classes integrate dance, martial arts and the healing arts including yoga. Alice brings all modalities to her class making them unique and accessible – internally as well as externally.


Contact Improv Dance Principles

 This mini-workshop will explore how to enjoy increased connection, playfulness, and ease in dancing with others, drawing from principles of
contact Improvisation.

All welcome of any ability–no previous experience with contact improv needed.

Christopher and Anne Ellinger founded, direct and perform with the 25–member improvisational Playback Theatre ensemble, True Story Theater. True Story has done hundreds of shows and workshops in the greater Boston area, giving voice to stories of many constituencies often addressing important social justice themes. Christopher is a teacher in Boston’s Contact
Improv community.
Their book Getting Along: skills for life-long love, shares lessons from 36 years living and working together.

Foot Reflexology

 We’ll create a space for giving, receiving and learning the techniques of foot massage
to fellow dancers. Emphasis will be on healing through loving touch. Join us for the pleasure of intimacy and joy of learning how to release tension and restore body balance. Beginners are especially welcome.

Bill Kennedy has taught yoga, massage, reflexology, and meditation for many years. Starting off as one of two pioneering teachers in the early days of yoga at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education with Patricia Walden, he then directed and hosted his own national TV series called Success without Stress reaching
tens of millions of people including a demonstration of acupuncture. He has held numerous retreats which all started with Partner Reflexology. His regular Reflexology classes in pregnancy yoga at MIT Medical Department
and at CCAE were evaluated as the most popular of all his teaching. He has a PhD in Physics and is a former Research Fellow in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School. A Reiki Master, and trained in Reconnection Healing Energy technique he believes the whole basis of healing is achieved through the loving acceptance of one Soul Friend for another.

Belly Dance
for Everyone

Discover this earthy and sensual dance from the Middle East.
Learn slow serpentine snake-arms, body-waves, Belly-rolls, and figure eights along with fast and fiery hip-locks and shimmies.
Wear comfortable clothing (Optional: bring any variety of scarf for the hips).

Johara has been a leading performer,
instructor, choreographer, and percussionist since 1995. She is certified in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga and has trained in multiple dance styles.
As the director of Snake Dance Theater Company, she has performed her innovative blend of traditional (Egyptian, Turkish) and fusion belly dance in Turkey, Greece, Brazil and across the US. She’s produced over 15 theatrical shows. Currently, Johara teaches at the New England Movement Arts and the Dance Complex where she has been a faculty member since 1993.


If you’ve taken Pilates and are looking for something new and a little different, Gyrokinesis(R) may be up your alley! Gyrokinesis(R) whole-body exercises are comprised of spiraling circular movements which flow together seamlessly in a rhythmic pattern. Repetitions are set to the rhythm of your breathing to help you lengthen your spine and focus your body’s energy. Each movement connects with the next, allowing the joints to move freely through a natural range of motion. The carefully crafted sequences create balance and are executed gently without jarring or compressing the joints. This class has been adapted for the mat and chair from the Gyrotonic(R) machine method and is a perfect way to begin your day feeling limber and relaxed.

Please bring a yoga mat.

Kathleen R. Anderson has a master’s in dance movement therapy from Antioch/New England Graduate School in Keene, NH, and a B.A. in dance from SUNY Brockort, NY. She is certified by the Kripalu Yoga Ashram in Lenox, MA, and has also trained in Iyengar Yoga with Patricia Waldren of Cambridge, MA. She has obtained all four levels of the “Yoga Fit” trainings, which also, encompass Prenatal and Senior Fitness, and has taken workshops in restorative yoga with Judith Lassiter. Additionally, Kathleen has studied mat and reformer, cadillac, chair, and barrel Pilates with both Physical Mind of NY and Stott of Toronto. She has accomplished up to Level Two in both Gyrokinesis(R) and Gyrotonic(R) disciplines. A Spiral based movement workout devised by ballet dancer Juliu Hovarth. He believes the muscle spindle is a Spiral and we should be moving with it, hence the name “gyro”.

the Spine 

This class will focus on the many ways that a fluid and enlivened spine can enhance our dancing. We will light up our head-tail connection, practice graceful follow-through, and tune in to our ability to listen with skin, muscle and bone. Contact-curious dancers of any level are welcome! Neige Christenson has been an enthusiastic Contact Improviser since the eighties, as a devoted jam facilitator, teacher and performer.  Her teaching encourages spontaneous composition by opening the mind and body to full presence and connection with self and other. She holds a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University, and her writing has appeared in Contact QuarterlyThe Sun, and Fire in the Womb: Mothers and Creativity. She offers classes and coaching in Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement in the Boston area. For more info: NeigeContact


Sunday, March 31st
Explore classes in the greater Boston area 

Arlington Center, 369 Massachusetts Ave.

10:30-12:30pm Contact: Contact Improvisation Jam $9 drop-in

Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave. Central Square
1:30-3:30pm—Nectar (Dance) Adults $10-15, Age 6-12 $5-7, Under 6 free

Green Street Studios, 185 Green St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
“Allowing the Movement to Find You” Contact Improv Workshop with Avital Bar Zuri
12 PM – 5:30 PM $65-75 Sliding Scale, avitalganbar@gmail.com 781-996-9399;

Sunday Class Descriptions
and Instructor Bios

Contact Improv class & jam – all experience levels welcome. The first hour will be a class/lab exploration (our focus will emerge depending on who is there.)
This will lead us into our jam time.
It would be great to know if you are planning to come… if you can, send me a quick email RSVP. Also, it’s my birthday on Sunday 🙂 Dancing is one of the best ways I know how to celebrate, so I’d love to dance with you.
Hope to see you on the dance floor,

WHEN:  Sunday, March 31st, 10:3012:30 pm
WHERE:  Arlington Center Location: It’s at The Arlington Center yoga studios, 369 Mass. Ave., Arlington. (Easy free parking on Mass. Ave. and #77 bus from Harvard Sq. drops you off on the block.)

COST: $9 for space (or class card) and $5-$11 for the teacher

Nectar: Nectar is a talk-free dance inspired by conscious and ecstatic dance. It is a space to enjoy and explore embodiment, physical expression, and the body’s wisdom. After an unguided warm-up period, the Facilitator-DJ leads a brief opening circle on a theme or guided practice, followed by a playlist of music—beginning spacious and mellow, gaining intensity, and arriving back into stillness. Participants are welcome to move, dance, and be still as their bodies desire. Nectar closes with a sharing circle in which participants are welcome to speak about their experiences in the dance. Nectar is offered primarily for adults. Children are welcome with adult accompaniment provided they can follow the talk-free and intentional structure and be mindful of their impact on others in the space. 

WHEN:  Sunday, March 31st,  1:30-3:30 pm
WHERE: Cambridge: 
Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave. Central Square
COST:Adults $10-15, Age 6-12 $5-7, Under 6 free. Please pay upon entry.

“Allowing the Movement to Find You” Contact Improv Workshop with Avital Bar Zuri

Come and join me in a longer exploration of moving from the ideas of core support, breath support and effortless movement. These deep ideas that come from the somatic system of Laban and Bartenieff fundamentals and release technique will allow the movement to find us and to reveal itself in the contact improv form. Rolling, sliding, shifting weights and flying may happen!
This will be a 5.5 hours long workshop. Having the time to let things reveal is so so beautiful and joyful.
I really invite you to give yourself this present of time.
(This workshop might have a 2nd part to it at the end of April if there will be an interest :))


avitalganbar@gmail.com 781-996-9399
$65-75 Sliding Scale
12 PM – 5:30 PM
Green Street Studios 185 Green St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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Online registration closes March 27th.
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