7:30-8:45 “Dancing All Over the Place” with Catherine, Margaret, and Rose 8:45-9:45 Hip Hop led by Henry Oliveras, aka Que, Unlimited 9:45-10: middle 10:-Midnight: DJ Henry Oliveras (Que) performs

December 26, 2014 @ 7:30 PM – 11:59 PM

7:30-8:45 Dancing All Over the Place, International Folk Dancing for all ages

“Dancing All Over the Place” is a curriculum Catherine designed to teach young, kinetic learners geography. In this fun, family friendly class we will learn dances from around the globe. (Please note the earlier start time.)


8:45 Contemporary Hip and Hop your way to Fun and Fitness, all ages

Contemporary Hip Hop Class

Every song tells a story…every storHenryy has a beat..every beat has a move…As Fun As Timed Charades! You and yours are sure to have a great great time learning and performing new routines (after and before warm up) with Henry Oliveras/The Artist Que Unlimited who performs throughout New England currently expanding to Manhattan with a Dance cameo on “Chief”, independent rap artist, upcoming video “Shuttem Down” (tentative release, Dec 2014). SO, move..be moved
by the rhythm and meaning of lyric in songs…in urban music blending elements of traditional hip hop, ballet, African, tp, jazz, Latin in expressions, both explosive and tender for a fun expressive workout! So, come, sharpen your mind, sharpen reflexes and have a great mentally and physically challenging time. Que Unlimited dj’ing a smooth blend of old and new; pop, folk, jazz and r&b climaxing at rhythmic new age, r&b and modern hip hip then join Que for a intimate one man song and dance performance of original pop r&b, jazz & hip hop Dance music from his releases.