8:00-9:30 Argentine Tango — Hsueh-tze Lee (Blue Tango), 9:40-10:50 Andrew, 10:50-Midnight TBA

2014/10/10 @ 8:00 PM – 11:59 PM

Hseu–tze Lee

Argentine Tango has been enthralling dancers for over 100 years, and is surging worldwide among dancers of all ages. In social tango, dancers improvise musically within a close embrace. Tango is creative, dynamic, challenging, fun, expressive and transcendent. Come singly or with a partner to discover the special connection that is tango. Hsueh–tze Lee teaches tango across the United States and internationally. www.bluetango.org

Class $15 (participants welcome to stay for Dance Friday for free)

(Argentine Tango Class with Hsueh-tze Lee is part of our Fall FunRaising Drive.)