Annual Meeting 4:30-7:30 Dance Freedom/Dance Friday

2019/11/09 @ 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

November 9th
Dance Freedom and Dance Friday Annual Meeting

Community Meeting for Community Dances

25 Columbus Ave., Somerville, MA
Bring a potluck dish to share

Both Dances
—getting more dancers to events.
—recruiting volunteers  needed to put on both dances
—Board members, publicity committee members, facilitators, event producers, DJ’s, teachers
—If you could see yourself doing any of these roles please let us know.
—Updating email list for both dances we need computer at front door so email can be entered in as folks walk in the door.
—Facebook meet up website but old fashioned email is best.
—Financial report for both dances.
—Planning for 2020 what events should we hold, summer events at 8 Inman st.?
—How can the dances help each other to thrive.

Dance Friday
—Dates for 2020 dance Friday what to do while church is shut down during lent.
—DNE weekend march 29-30  who should we invite to teach.
Lots of folks do not know dance Friday has moved. Email, person to person calls needed: volunteers needed to do this.
—promotions to communities we have left
—updating email list
—Facebook, Meetup, website, but old fashioned email is best.
—2019 is 40 years of Dance Friday being a nonprofit last March 1979.
—Jan 1977 42 years as a cooperative run organization and 45 years as a dance
—3 years run by Alison, 2 at MIT, and one in Central Sq.
—40th Birthday on December 6th

Dance Freedom
—What events when?
—Subletting issues
—New equipment: QSC speakers lighter speakers, reduce chances of back injury.
—Dance Freedom birthday April 10th or 24th
—Kirtan band
—What other events should we repeat in 2020?