Community Dance DJ Rose Ward 8:30-9:30 pm (EDT)

September 16, 2020 @ 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM

Join us on Wednesday, September 16th for a virtual dance. The DJ will be Rose Ward.

The dance sets will be around 1 hour of carefully selected music from our devoted crew of DJs,
put together from all eras and styles each set will contain Something for Everyone.

We have a short circle at the end where you will be invited to share briefly a reflection about your experience at this time, a poem, quote, song, or something you are thankful for.
No one has to share (you can always pass). 

Dance Schedule:

8:15 pm Virtual doors open:

  • Arrive, settle in, listen to warm-up songs
  • Test your audio
  • Check your space what is in it? what size is your dance space? can you stretch out on the floor, what furniture can bear your weight during the dance.
  • Receive support on Zoom functions[such as Rename, View: Gallery or Grid or Speaker; Unmute/Mute; Pin Video]
  • Share a thought or feeling to help you be present
  • If it suits you to dance to your own sounds during the dance it’s ok we can’t hear you.
  • Rename yourself on Zoom put the city you are in, and YP or NP next to your name so that folks know it is okay to pin you or not.

8:30 pm We Dance.

9:30 pm Poetry music or visual art presentation.

9:45 pm Closing circle with optional sharing.