Dance Friday 8:00-9:15 Spiral Kinesis led by Ro’i Rose; 9:20-10:00pm DJ Ro’i Rose 10:00-11:30 DJ’d Music by David Hero

2016/06/17 @ 8:00 PM – 11:30 PM

Bagua Mountain Palm PhotoSpiral Kinesis:
Dancing With The Beloved

In the course of an hour, Ro’i will lead us through a spiral kinetic journey into the heart of ourselves. Beginning with standing meditation, we will practice the Four Core principles of Spiral Kinesis in standing, sitting, moving and interactive meditation.
rinciples of Spiral Kinesis in standing, sitting, moving and interactive meditation.
Come play in the Unified Field!  Spiral Kinesis unites the body technologies of the Sufi and Daoist traditions with the latest research into Quantum Physics and Body Mechanics. The result is an integrated system of movement that widens our spacial awareness and makes an ideal transition into conscious, ecstatic dance.
Exchange: $10-15 for dance only, $15-20 for the entire experience
Please arrive by 8pm to ensure inclusion in the class. I have been preparing a tight 1-hour experience, and would be grateful for warmed up bodies to share it with me.
Exercises to include Outer Dissolving, Daoist Breathing, and Co-Creating the Cauldron.
Be prepared to release your worries to the Void and breathe new Life into your dreams.
Our container will be closed for an hour from approximately 8-9pm and will re-open for 2.5 hours of ecstatic dance.
Harvard-educated and Tibetan-trained, Ro’i Rose has been practicing the Chinese martial, medical, and meditational arts since 1990.  In 2007, he founded Spiral Kinesis, a synthesis of multicultural movement arts with the physics of sacred geometry.  More information can be found at


After class, enjoy dancing to music
by Ro’i until 10:00 and then music
by David Hero to 11:30.

Like a fine chef, every month DJ David Hero creates a carefully crafted menu of tempting and tantalizing musical food for your soul, cooked to perfection. Using only the freshest ingredients and exotic spices from around the world, he serves up a varied banquet of delicious international rhythms, juicy organic grooves and flavorful melodies with lots of hot sauce and no leftovers.  He steers away from heavily processed beats and low-phat watered down tracks, instead allowing the full flavor and richness of the music to shine through. The flavors are so fresh they dance right off your tongue…So come down to Dance Friday in Harvard Square and satisfy your hunger.  Then come back for seconds.