Halloween Dance Party Central Square Cambridge, MA

2023/11/03 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
St Mary's Central Square
8 Inman St. Cambridge

Friday November 3rd come meet and dance IN PERSON to joyous and transporting music. Magic, music, lights, love and shape-shifting. Come and gather yourself and beloveds in again at the dance; let the music and lights bring you back to your true and magical moving self; come and reconnect and be welcomed! Dance in costume if you have one that speaks to you; but if not, we have some elegant yet otherworldly disguises to lend…

Dance Friday’s Halloween music may be magical/mystical/goofy/hilarious/exotic/erotic/psychotic/hypnotic and more.
It will be a fun journey–come early if you want to help decorate the space.