2017 Spring Weekend—Support Your Local Teachers Day

2017/03/19 @ 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday March 19th
Support Your Local Teachers Day

Explore classes in the greater Boston area 

Sunday March 19th 

Explore classes in the greater Boston area 

Cambridge: Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave. Central Square

11:00am -1:00pm A-Coeur-Dance With Cassie $22-33 at the door
1:30-3:30pm—Nectar (Dance) Adults $10-15, Age 6-12 $5-7, Under 6 free

Cambridge: Studio 550, 550 Mass Ave. Central Square

2:00-4:00pm The Shakti Wave: Women Gathering Margaux $15 (preregister below)

Sunday Descriptions

A-Coeur-Dance With CassieEASE: Exploration, Action, Surrender and Expansion; These are the working tools within all of us to manifest in motion. This 4 part class series drops us into our bodies to expose and express a new creation of you. In between the space of holding on and letting go there is a moment of choice. For the most part, we believe this choice is informed by things past and future, yet it is in the present moment of the Now where we reshape ourselves and our experience. Allowing a place for curiosity assists these bodies and hearts to carry us through the wilds of the world.

The dance floor is a territory to fully feel the momentum of our lives. It is a space where we return to feel ourselves as both guides and guided along our path. When we arrive here we ask How am I moving? And how may I move when life asks something different of me? May more freedom be found in my ability to adapt with greater EASE? 
No experience is necessary just curiosity. All ages are welcome.

Cassie has been teaching classes and coordinating events for variety of movement modalities over the last 12 years in Asheville, NC. 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, and Dance Meditation have offered her a broad color pallet and range of experiences for her inspiration on the dance floor.
Studio 6 The Dance Complex
4 part series: March 19 & 26 April 2 & 9
11-1 PM
$60 all 4 until March 12. Click here to register: A-Coeur-Dance With Cassie
$22-33 individual classes at the door.

The Shakti Wave Women Gathering: is a workshop that fiercely supports and validates the feminine.
The overwhelming energy of love and the ability to show up during the Women’s March is still reverberating all over the world.We continue to move mountains with the unstoppable waves of the feminine as they emerge and expand.This workshops brings us together in the circle of the heart of love,  life, movement and being seen and heard.
We enter into the sacredness of the dance floor, our pelvic floor. and the spine. As we become more and more available to ourselves we are available to show up in all aspects of our life.

2:00pm -4:00pm
Www.Margauxskalecki.com and go to the PAYPAL tab.

Nectar is a talk-free dance inspired by conscious and ecstatic dance. It is a space to enjoy and explore embodiment, physical expression, and the body’s wisdom. After an unguided warm-up period, the Facilitator-DJ leads a brief opening circle on a theme or guided practice, followed by a playlist of music—beginning spacious and mellow, gaining intensity, and arriving back into stillness. Participants are welcome to move, dance, and be still as their bodies desire. Nectar closes with a sharing circle in which participants are welcome to speak about their experiences in the dance.

Nectar is offered primarily for adults. Children are welcome with adult accompaniment provided they can follow the talk-free and intentional structure and be mindful of their impact on others in the space. Kids under 6 can come for free, and ages 6-12 for half price ($5-7). $10-15 for adults. Please pay upon entry. 1:30-3:30pm at the Dance Complex 536 Mass Ave.in Central Square Cambridge. 1st and 3rd Sundays monthly between September and May.