8:00-9:30 Roth 5Rhythms™ with Margaux Medicine Dancer, 9:40-Midnight Rose

2015/01/09 @ 8:00 PM – 11:59 PM

The Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms® of movement® is a practice of awakening that invites us to be curious to the waves of energies that travel through all things.
As we surrender into our own movement, the inspiring, self healing, meditative, spiritual and relationship focused practice invites us to just show up.Roth 5 Rhythms banner_adj

Flowing: Earth bound and Curious. Staccato: Fire and Clarity, Chaos:Water and a Cacophony. Lyrical : Air and Confetti

Stillness: Oneness and Completely

After class, dance to midnight with dj’d music by Rose.