Anniversary Performance and Dance with Guest DJ Nancy Farber 8:30-9:30 pm (EDT)

2020/09/25 @ 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM

Join us on Friday, September 25 for a virtual dance. The DJ will be Nancy Farber.

Special performance tonight!

Join us for a showing of three original dances
presented on September 24th, 2010.
These three works were choreographed to music by community members and danced by community members.

The dance sets will be around 1 hour of carefully selected music from our devoted crew of DJs,
put together from all eras and styles each set will contain Something for Everyone.

We have a short circle at the end where you will be invited to share briefly a reflection about your experience at this time, a poem, quote, song, or something you are thankful for.
No one has to share (you can always pass). 

Dance Schedule:

8:15 pm Virtual doors open:

  • Arrive, settle in, listen to warm-up songs
  • Test your audio
  • Check your space what is in it? what size is your dance space? can you stretch out on the floor, what furniture can bear your weight during the dance.
  • Receive support on Zoom functions[such as Rename, View: Gallery or Grid or Speaker; Unmute/Mute; Pin Video]
  • Share a thought or feeling to help you be present
  • If it suits you to dance to your own sounds during the dance it’s ok we can’t hear you.
  • Rename yourself on Zoom put the city you are in, and YP or NP next to your name so that folks know it is okay to pin you or not.

8:30 pm We Dance.

9:30 pm Poetry music or visual art presentation.

9:45 pm Closing circle with optional sharing.