Dance Friday 7:45-9:00 Chakradance with Christabeth; 9:15-11:30 Dance to Dj’d music

2016/02/12 @ 7:45 PM – 11:30 PM

Chakradance with Christabeth Ingold

Christabeth Ingold

Christabeth Ingold

Chakradance™ is a sweet dance with the soul. It’s an inward journey where you meet your self exactly where you are, and illuminate your 7 major chakras (energy centers). Each chakra is key holder to different parts of your self and your life, and may be holding old patterns that no longer serve you. In Chakradance™, you will balance, unblock, and free up your energy flow as you simply listen to the rhythm of your soul. When energy is flowing through you, you feel better and more clear emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will also be guided through meditation and creating a mandala. Come enter into this beautiful waking dream, and possibly even meet your inner warrior!

After class enjoy dancing to dj’d music.