Dance Friday 8pm-9:20 Christabeth leads Chakradance, 9:30 -10:30 David Hero, 10:30-Midnight Robert

2015/06/05 @ 8:00 PM – 11:59 PM
Christabeth Ingold

Christabeth Ingold

This week Chakradance™:
The 3rd Eye

As we dance the 3rd Eye, we will explore and open to a place of inner vision and dreams. As we open to inner vision, we also tap into the wisdom of intuition. Join us in this sweet meditative dance and see what  possibilities your life holds!
Chakradance™ is a sweet dance with the soul. It’s an inward journey where you meet your self exactly where you are, and illuminate your 7 major chakras (energy centers). Each chakra is key holder to different parts of your self and your life, and may be holding old patterns that no longer serve you.

Christabeth Ingold is a fierce, sparked up certified life coach, Reiki practitioner and Chakradance™ facilitator. Her favorite work is being a student of life and loving you up. Meeting you exactly where you are, Christabeth will dive deeper with you and push you forward into living the awesome life you want! She is committed to your growth and spreading your flame. Christabeth has a background in expressive therapy, wellness and life coaching, Reiki and loving big. You may find her giving hugs, laughing, dancing

After class enjoy Dj’d Dancing with music by David Hero and then Robert until midnight.