September 27th: 8:00-10:30pm Dance Friday Community Dance Class Contact Improv Tango

2019/09/27 @ 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM

September 27th: Dance Friday

Community Dance Class

8:00-8:30 Erica is available for questions (set up for dance)
8:30-9:15 Contact Improv TangoErica Roper
9:15-10:30 DJ Robin and Next Generation DJs

The Argentine Tango and Contact Improvisation share the same underlying physical vocabulary of connection and improvisational movement. This class with explore movement and dance freely with an inspiration in Contact and Tango, to go beyond the limits of any given dance and enjoy the playful meeting with oneself, dance, partners, and music.

Argentine Tango is a living art form. It is an open or close embrace, improvisational dance that is both a throw back to traditional social graces and extremely socially progressive. We will explore the basic principles of Tango in walking together with the music in a partnered embrace. We will discuss the fundamentals of improvisation and the relationship between improvisation, basic tango vocabulary, and so-called figures.

We will explore this in relationships to the Contact Improvisation principles of sliding and rolling at a fixed point of contact; pushing and yielding as, slightly giving weight at the point of contact, and softly sustaining a touch. We will explore roles of lead and follow in Tango and as they relate to the mutual decision-making of Contact Improvisation with the goal of creating a dynamic conversation in our bodies and movement. We will explore elements of the embrace, connectivity, musicality, and communication within our own bodies and in relation to a partner.

This Class is valuable for dancers of all levels no partner is necessary and there is no need to have experience in Contact or Tango to participate.

PLEASE: bring socks or soft soled dance shoes and comfortable clothes to move in! Erica will be available for questions at 8pm during equipment set up time. Class is short so show up early for orientation and warm up. Stay on and practice what you learned during our community dance a blend of the old and new generations of dancer/dj’s.

9:15-10:30 Enjoy freestyle dancing or put into practice what you just learned in class. Robin and the next generation of djs play a wide range of music to get you moving.