Support Local Teachers Day—2018 Boston Spring Weekend Continues

2018/03/18 all-day

Sunday March 19th

Explore classes in the greater Boston area 

Check times and create your own experience.


Arlington Center, 369 Massachusetts Ave.
11:30-1:30pm Contact: Contact Improvisation Jam $9 drop-in
12:30-4:30pm Continuum: Moving Inquiry Megan Bathory-Peeler, $60/4hrs

382 Mass Ave, apt 803 (across from Arlington Center)
2:00pm Textured Percussion Jam, free
Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave. Central Square
1:30-3:30pm—Nectar (Dance) Adults $10-15, Age 6-12 $5-7, Under 6 free

Sunday Class Descriptions
and Instructor Bios


Contact Improv class & jam – all experience levels welcome.

First hour will be a class/lab exploration (our focus will emerge depending on who is there.)
This will lead us into our jam time.
It would be great to know if you are planning to come… if you can, send me a quick email RSVP. Also, it’s my birthday on Sunday ? Dancing is one of the best ways I know how to celebrate, so I’d love to dance with you.
Hope to see you on the dance floor,

WHEN:  Sunday, March 18th, 11:301:30PM
WHERE:  Arlington Center Location: It’s at The Arlington Center yoga studios, 369 Mass. Ave., Arlington. (Easy free parking on Mass. Ave. and #77 bus from Harvard Sq. drops you off on the block.)
COST: $9 for space (or class card) and $5-$11 for the teacher

CONTINUUM: Moving Inquiry with Megan Bathory-Peeler
Sunday, March 18, 12:30-4:30pm
Awareness changes how we physically move. As we become more fluid and resilient so do the mental, emotional and spiritual movements of our lives. Emilie Conrad Da’Oud, Continuum founder
Continuum is a gemlike movement and sound-based practice of awareness, with different facets that allow the work to be approached from multiple angles. Unfolding as moving mindfulness, Continuum consistently brings one into the present moment through simple awareness of breath and wave motion. By being present to what is in the moment, one can make more informed choices for action that are more symbiotic, less effortful, and also maintain a focus on connection rather than on fear or isolation. This can bring about a significant shift in one’s life, allowing a fuller sense of one’s body, along with a greater trust in it. Continuum is relevant to anyone invested in healing and personal development, curious about the science of the body, engaged in the arts, or actively exploring the spiritual or the unknown. Continuum is both living practice and art form: it reflects and enfolds its continuous evolving nature. For more info & registration, please email Megan
Megan Bathory-Peeler is a passionate somanaut. For 25 years, Megan has been exploring the frontiers of embodiment and human relationships – insatiably curious about what it means to live fully in a human body and within the human experience. Based in Western Massachusetts, she guides her students and clients to make their own innovative discoveries, drawing on her skills as a Continuum teacher, somatic therapist/educator, performance artist, activist, and mother. She also teaches weekly in Greenfield, MA and will start teaching in Europe in 2018


Textured Percussion Jam

A bunch of us sit around in a circle playing light percussion instruments (frame drums,  shakers, bells, singing bowls, and even pie plates!). The idea is to create and explore a meditative improvisation sound space, in which each player can hear the other players and respond to what s/he is hearing, No previous percussion experience is needed, just a willingness to listen (what musicians call ‘big ears’) and explore.

You are also welcome to just listen and watch.

The rules, to the extent that there are rules.are;

1. You should be able to hear what everybody else is playing — if you can’t, somebody is playing too loudly.

2 If in doubt, play less often.

3. If in doubt, play more quietly.

4. If in doubt, play less rhythmically. When a beat occurs, it should emerge from the ensemble and not be driven by any one player.

I sometimes think of it as the anti-matter version of a drum circle— another analogy – a textured percussion has the same relationship to a drum circle as a contact Jan as to dance freedom.


Nectar is a talk-free dance inspired by conscious and ecstatic dance. It is a space to enjoy and explore embodiment, physical expression, and the body’s wisdom. After an unguided warm-up period, the Facilitator-DJ leads a brief opening circle on a theme or guided practice, followed by a playlist of music—beginning spacious and mellow, gaining intensity, and arriving back into stillness. Participants are welcome to move, dance, and be still as their bodies desire. Nectar closes with a sharing circle in which participants are welcome to speak about their experiences in the dance.

Nectar is offered primarily for adults. Children are welcome with adult accompaniment provided they can follow the talk-free and intentional structure and be mindful of their impact on others in the space. Kids under 6 can come for free, and ages 6-12 for half price ($5-7). $10-15 for adults. Please pay upon entry.

Facilitator/Dj Tonya White: Inspired by her expressive art therapy training and motivated to create space for us to return to our bodies in community, Tonya invites imagination in as we ground and then flow into a musical drama with so many possible dance stories.


To register online click here